In order to serve the customers to purchase and pay the fastest, Toan Quan Company has the following payment policies:


  • Applies to all buyers in our system.
  • Free shipping on orders over 3 million in Ho Chi Minh.
  • For customers who are outside the scope of free delivery, the salesman will directly deal with the customer and additional shipping costs.
  • Prior to shipping the employee will call the customer informs the date and time of delivery, delivery time to customers.
  • Delivery time from 8:30 to 17:00 all days of the week, including Saturday, Sunday.
  • Goods ensure the correct model selected customers.
  • Customers in the remote provinces associated with the shipping unit to receive the earliest.


When customers have selected the right goods, please contact the sales staff directly to order, the sales staff will consult the simplest way of payment.
Customers purchase online over 3 million in Ho Chi Minh:

  • Make payment when receiving goods if the delivery staff of the company to direct delivery.

Buyers outside of the free range:

  • Customers need to make advance payment to the company if the other transportation unit (car, transport company ………)

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Bank transfer.
Upon receipt of the payment, the Company will confirm by the company’s call.
SAfter the payment but have not received confirmation information, please call us immediately to confirm and transfer the earliest.
Note: You must provide the recipient’s address, recipient’s name, recipient’s phone number after payment.

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
Account number: 140919958
Card number: 9704 1620 0351 1290
Account holder: Phòng Toàn Quân
Branch: Lạc Long Quân

Vietcombank (VCB)
Account number: 0331000479094
Account holder: Phòng Toàn Quân
Branch: Lạc Long Quân

Account number: 19032487809012
Account holder: Phòng Toàn Quân
Branch: Chợ Lớn

Account number: 107868605736
Account holder: Phòng Toàn Quân
Branch: 6